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Event Types

Event Type Descriptions


  • Related to a college or degree (or multiple colleges/degrees, programs, etc.)


  • Events from the official Texas State Athletics calendar


  • An activity-based event such as a fitness class or intramural sport gathering


  • An occasion honoring a person or group of people


  • A convention consisting of speakers or a large group of attendees

Information Session

  • A session or fair in which a variety of information is shared for a more in depth look at an organization, program, event, etc.

Lectures & Seminars

  • A large group in which one person speaks to educate attendees

Long-Term Exhibit

  • An ongoing exhibit lasting longer than one month

Short-Term Exhibit

  • An exhibit lasting one month or less


  • A concert, production, or some form of entertainment


  • The evaluation of a production, film, class, etc.


  • A meeting of people, especially that are from a common class, department, etc.

Online Event

  • An event that is only available to attendees online, such as a webinar or livestream.

Student Activity

  • An extracurricular event related to a student organization

Special Event

  • An event generally associated with fundraising


  • A meeting of people with a similar interest in a specific subject or activity