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My Events Support

Following a Calendar

Subscription Options

calendar subscription links in Trumba

Each calendar has subscription options that allow users to follow your calendar.  This means that it is easier than ever for calendar visitors to stay up to date on events.

Subscription options include:

  • Weekly Email
  • iCalendar Subscription
  • iCalendar Download
  • RSS Feed
  • ATOM (XML) Feed

Each of these options allows you to follow events passively without needing to visit the events calendar to make sure an event has not been canceled or changed.

Need more Information?

Visit our FAQ page for more information about the benefits of using the My Events and Subscription features of Trumba.

Sign in and manage events

event action login options for Trumba calendars

How do I access my events?

Click on My Events on the calendar you wish to follow.  The link is found at the top right of the calendar.

What is Event Actions?

Event Actions is a web app for saving and managing events you find on website calendars.

What if I don't have one of the account types shown above?

You must have one of those account types to sign in.

How do I save events that interest me?

When you set reminders and take other actions on website calendar events, the events show up automatically in your list.

After I close the My Events window, how do I get back to the Event Actions web app?

When you're visiting a website calendar, select My Events at the top right.

Following a Specific Event

In-Event Sharing Options

When viewing a specific event, the sharing options are located at the bottom of the event window.  The image to the right illustrates the interface.

Sharing options within an event in Trumba