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Update Calendar Editors

Please use your TXST address.
Are you requesting changes to one or multiple calendars? *
Please enter the full calendar name as it appears in Trumba.
Please enter the full calendar names as they appear in Trumba.
Are you currently an editor/manager for this calendar? *
If making changes to multiple calendars, are you an editor/manager for each calendar?

We'll reach out to one of the editors/managers for the calendar(s) entered in order to authorize this request.

Does an editor need to be added? *

Before access can be granted:

If the requested editor hasn't already done so, the University Events Calendar training must be successfully completed before access can be provided. The self-paced online training is available for open-enrollment in Canvas.

Max editor slots:

We'll check to see if both editor slots for the requested calendar(s) are taken. If so, we'll reach back out to you with this information to determine which editor will need to be replaced.

Does an editor need to be removed? *