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Events in the calendar should be flagged with the proper event category. Adding category information to events will allow users to search for the event by type.

Each event can be flagged for inclusion in multiple categories.

  • Academic: brain food of any kind
  • Career: job fairs, Jobs For Cats, resume workshops
  • Community Service: volunteer opportunities
  • Conference: university conferences
  • Dance: get jiggy with it
  • Deadlines: university-related deadlines
  • Entertainment: events that make time fly
  • Fairs: festival, celebration, gala
  • Featured Event (see link for more information)
  • Health: health fairs, immunizations, wellness
  • Honors: awards, acknowledgements
  • Lectures: speakers, readings, panel discussions, debate
  • Music: concerts, recitals, vocal
  • Outdoors: outdoor events, concerts, recreation, speakers
  • Religious: spiritual
  • Sports: recreation, intramurals, outdoor recreation (NOT official Athletics)
  • Theatre: plays, drama, spoken word, poetry
  • Tours: field trips, campus tours
  • Training: professional development, workshops, risk management and safety, leadership training
  • Visual Arts: photography, movies, exhibits, sculpture, 3D arts