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How to Find an Event

Finding an Event

Search Options

You may choose to search for events by keyword, category, audience or calendar.

Show events from any of these categories

This section is for you to choose specific categies of events to display. If you only check boxes in this section and hit "Show Events", it will display all of the events included in the calendars you have chosen. 

events categories

Checking the "Events must belong to all of these categories" selection box will narrow your search. For example, if you chose the "Outdoors" and "Music" boxes, it will display only the music events that are also outdoors.

Show events from any of these audiences

This section is for you to choose events for specific audiences. 


Displaying Your Selections

This image displays results from only the selected calendar, College of Fine Arts.

search results

Clearing the Search

To clear the calendar of the search results, you can unselect the categories, audiences and calendars, or click the X's at the top of the search results next to "Selections:".