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Adding an Event

Adding an Event

To add an event to the calendar, you first need to be a calendar editor and logged into the calendar system using your NetID and password.

1. Main Menu

Add event menu


Add Event Dialog

In the Main Menu of the calendar admin screen under Management Console, you will see "Add an Event". Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the "New Event" page.

2. New Event

The new event  page is where you will enter all of the information about the event. Similar content groups are clustered together visually to make adding informaion easier.

A description of each field is below.

Events content area


This will be the text shown on the public calendar. It should be a short, but descriptive title.


This is the calendar that the event will be shown on. 

Date & Time

This includes the starting and ending dates and times of the event. First set the starting date and time. Then, you have several options for the ending date and time. 


If you choose "event recurs", you will be able to set the recurrence rules. For daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurrences, you can define the number of times or every day until a certain date. If you choose to show advanced recurrence rules, you will be given interval options.

Daily Reccurance

  • Daily Recurrence Intervals: Interval options for daily recurrences include a set interval of days and you can specify the end date in a calendar.

    Weekly Recurrence Intervals: Interval options for weekly occurrences allows you to choose a set weekly interval as well as the day(s) of the week the event occurs on.

    Monthly Recurrence Intervals: Interval options for monthly recurrences are setting a monthly interval and set the day(s) of these months.

    Yearly Recurrence Intervals: Interval options for yearly recurrences include setting a yearly interval, setting the day(s) of the week, days of the month, specific weeks and specific months.


Confirmed means that the event will be happening.

Tentative means that the event may or may not happen.

Cancelled means that the event has been cancelled.

You can change these statuses at any time by updating the event. 

If an event is cancelled, please do not delete the event. Mark the event as cancelled. The calendar will display the event with a cancelled notice:

cancelled event

Categories and Audience

This section helps you market you event to the correct audience.

Categories and Audience


All related categories your event would fit into should be checked from the preset list provided. No unrelated categories should be checked.


The audience is who the event is open to. For example, if the event is only for faculty and staff, the faculty and staff boxes should be checked while the general public and students boxes are left blank. If the event is open to anyone, check all of the boxes.

Featured Event
The Featured Events Calendar is composed of select events chosen by University Marketing. 


Location, Cost and Sponsors

location, cost and sponsors

Website Link

If you have a website with more information about the event, you can enter the address here. Viewers of the event information will be able to click on this URL and be taken to that page.


A location is required for all events.  If you do not see the location that you need, please contact us to add the location.


This is where you can enter additional information about where the event is, for example "Room 3-15.1" or "Boko's Living Room".


The cost of the event is required. If there is no cost, you should enter "free" or "N/A". If the cost is monetary, enter the amount in dollars including the dollar sign, for example "$3 for students, $5 for general public". If the event is a food drive or a similar activity, you can enter something such as "1 can of non-perishable food per person".

Campus Sponsor

The sponsoring department is required for all events. The full department name should be entered, not acronyms or abbreviations.

Attachment and Contact

contact information


You have the ability to add multiple pictures and documents for the event. To display the image, you need to check the "Display" box. If you select the  "featured event" box, an image is required.


A contact is required for all events. Please include as much contact information as possible.


3. Saving the Event

When you have entered all of the information, press the "Create Event" button. The event should then be viewable on the public calendar. Information can be updated at any time from the main menu.